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Moroccan Beldia

Beldia Cultivar Description


Authentic Moroccan Beldia From the Rif Mountains

Moroccan Beldia: The Legendary Kief Variety. Beldia is the variety cultivated by Riffian farmers for generations to craft the renowned old-school blond/chocolaty Moroccan hash. This landrace strain thrives indoors and outdoors, enduring droughts, high temperatures, and poor soil. Its sweet honey smell and delicate floral and minty taste are unlike any other strain.

Probably one of the fastest-flowering Sativas in the world, this plant is very well suited for outdoor cultivation. Because this variety has adapted to the harsh arid climate of the Moroccan Rif it can withstand high temperatures and thrive with very little water or nutrients.

Semi-Autoflowering Variety

The plants are vigorous but do not grow many side branches which makes this strain highly suitable for Sea Of Green setups. Indoors, the Beldia finishes in only 7 to 9 weeks of flowering. Outdoors, the plants are ripe between the beginning of August and the end of September. This authentic Moroccan Beldia is semi-autoflowering which means that it can start flowering regardless of the photoperiod. Topping off the plants and providing them with high quality soil will cause them to prolong their vegetative growth phase. The Moroccan Landrace is low-maintenance and is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors.

Specific Characteristics

The smoke is sweet and floral with minty and spicy undertones. The Beldia is a fast hitter with a clear joyful high that doesn’t last for too long.

Its delicate smell is reminiscent of sweet honey. It is very unique and completely different from what cannabis often smells like. That is why it is ideal for guerrilla growers. 

Our team collected these seeds years ago in several remote mountainous areas of the Chefchaouen province. In these locations, farmers were still only growing the old Moroccan Beldia.  That is why this line is still very pure.

These seeds are the result of 4 generations of open pollination.  The goal was to decrease the proportion of weak plants and hermaphrodites while preserving the genetic diversity of this strain.

The Moroccan Landrace is at least 800 years old and is now quickly disappearing from the Rif Mountains. Moroccan farmers have used it for hash-making since the 1960’s. Prior to that, they used to cultivate it for its fine flowers. Some old-timers in Morocco still like to smoke the kief flowers in their long wooden pipes.

Package Size

6 feminized seeds, 12 regular seeds, 24 regular seeds


  1. Moaz

    Shall I start with 12/12 light cycle as mentioned in you tube. So how to turn it to flower stage then?

  2. Highlander (verified owner)

    This is the first variety I’ve grown at Khalifa’s, they perfectly match the description, I loved cultivating them.

  3. Brian B (verified owner)

    An interesting plant on it’s own, but even more interesting to breed with. Quality as always KG!

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