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Cannabis Breeding – Book by James Loud

This easy-to-read textbook provides both hobby breeders and commercial operators with everything they need to know to start or scale a breeding operation, including:

  • Cannabis history and the evolution of cannabis genetics
  • Biology and basic concepts of DNA and plant breeding
  • How to breed for specific desirable traits
  • A thorough review of propagation methods
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions for breeding new cultivars from start to finish
  • How to design environments for breeding for small-scale home gardeners and operators looking to scale
  • All the most critical information about cannabis cultivars as intellectual property

Written by James Loud and 19 passionate contributors including Aladdin Khalifa.


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Cannabis Breeding Book: The Art and Science of Crafting Distinctive Cultivars

This invaluable breeding book strives to demystify the breeding process, improve understanding of cannabis genetics, and bridge this crucial information gap.

Cannabis Breeding is an easy-to-read book combining science, traditional methodologies, cutting-edge practices and the culture that has defined the landscape of cannabis genetics.

This comprehensive cannabis guide covers landraces, modern hybrids, ancient history, advanced breeding, extraction methods, cannabinoids, and more.

Book signed by James Loud.

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