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Aladdin Kush

Aladdin Kush Description


Aladdin Kush, the Supreme Kush Experience

Fast-flowering, colorful, terpy and insanely productive, the Aladdin Kush has it all!
Deriving from a cross between an Old School Skunk#1 (AKA Aladdin’s Skunk) and a modern American Hybrid, the Aladdin Kush is the highest yielder we have ever seen.
This beast of a strain is part of an exclusive Breeding collaboration with Califrosty’s
By crossing a funky and creamy Skunk#1 with a gassy and earthy Black Kush, Khalifa Genetics and Califrosty’s have created a masterpiece.

Extreme Vigor With XXL Yields

Stabilizing both parental lines over the course of several years has resulted in a remarkably high vigor, production, and uniformity.
Being a True F1 strain, all the plants display a similar structure, density, color and flowering time. This ultimate Kush strain is just as productive as the massive Persian Prince but it is also denser and faster-flowering. Buds grow into chunky clusters of dense dark flowers beautifully adorned with glistening, vibrant white trichomes.
Its flowering speed, XXL yields, pungent aromas and bag appeal make it a formidable commercial option. Likewise, its sturdiness, short flowering time and overall resistance make it a fantastic beginner-friendly cultivar.

Aromas and Effects

High in myrcene but also fruity at the same time, its perfume is intense, akin to oil based paint. At first, the smell is mostly fruity and floral. However, it then becomes much Kushier and gassier towards the last few weeks of flowering. The use of a carbon filter is paramount if one wishes to avoid “stinking up” the entire neighborhood.
The smoke is very smooth and leaves an earthy and gassy aftertaste in the mouth. Those deep musky and earthy aromas are an absolute delight for most Kush lovers. The effects are strong, creating a floating sensation in the brain that lingers over time. As the mind enters a state of ease, the body becomes deeply relaxed. This variety is perfect for unwinding after a long day or an intense workout. The effects of Aladdin Kush are long-lasting and sedative.

Watch the full Seed-to-Harvest video here:

Aladdin Kush Seed-to-Harvest Video

Package Size

3 feminized seeds, 6 feminized seeds


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