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Afghanistan, Fortress of Cannabis

Limited Edition: 800 copies
Includes a free e-book in English, German, Spanish, Italian or French
Printed by: Musumeci S.p.A, Italy
Paper: 170 gsm, wood-free, matte
Binding: Sewn binding with headband
Offset technology: Agfa Sublima
Offset press: Heidelberg
Dimensions: 20x22x2cm


Availability: In stock

Afghanistan, Fortress of Cannabis is a high-quality photography book.
Dive into the smoky chillum-houses of northern Afghanistan, through the ripe cannabis fields, the harvest and the making of hashish. This book takes you on an odyssey in search of Afghan cannabis traditions and their influences on the modern weed culture. Catch glimpses of an unexplored topic, in sharp contrast with most contemporary photographic and journalistic productions related to this country: the forgotten image of a peaceful and proud Afghanistan,  perpetuating its traditional cannabis culture.

Product Features:

  • 130 Photographs
  • 10000 words
  • Audio Interviews
  • Free e-book in English, German, Spanish, Italian or French

About the Author:

Lucas Strazzeri has spent years traveling to the most important hashish producing countries, including India, Pakistan, Lebanon, and
Morocco. However, it was his journey to Northern Afghanistan in 2018 that truly captured
his heart and inspired him to create his latest work. His firsthand experiences with the

vibrant and unique cannabis culture of the region serve as the foundation for his stun-
ning new photo book, ‘Afghanistan, Fortress of Cannabis.’

Lucas traveled to Afghanistan to explore the country’s rich cannabis culture, capturing
stunning photographs and insightful interviews with local growers and enthusiasts. His
work has been featured in Vice, Cannabis Now, Soft Secrets, and Grow Magazine, and
his photographs have appeared in ‘Cannabis Grower’s Handbook’ by Ed Rosenthal.



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