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Afghan Lemon, An Exceptionally Savory Hash Plant

The best phenotype of one of the best hash plants of all time.
The Afghan Lemon is a highly refined and stabilized phenotype of Balkh Hashplant. That legendary Afghan Landrace has been used for hundreds of years for making some exceptional hashish.

In 2019, While doing a preservation run with the Balkhi, the Khalifa team found an outstanding lemony phenotype. That stand-out plant was frostier than most and had an incredible flavor profile. Khalifa Genetics along with Bestgrower_420 have then stabilized that unique phenotype for over 3 years to turn it into a true breeding strain.
Therefore, the Afghan lemon consistently produces flavorful lemon-scented plants. It will delight growers with robust, easy-to-grow plants with resinous buds.

When touching the flowers, the resin on your fingers leaves a strong lemony/hashy smell that lingers for several minutes. The taste is also a delicious blend of Lemon and old school Hashish.
Unlike most lemony hybrids, the Afghan Lemon’s smell is fresh and natural. It is very different from that candy/chemical lemon scent that many California strains have.
Its super smooth smoke quickly brings about a strong body stone effect. Although it is potent and long-lasting, the effect isn’t overwhelming but rather pleasant and relaxing.

Squat and Sturdy

The Afghan Lemon is a true Afghanica which produces bushy plants with incredibly sturdy stems. Therefore, the plants never need support and can withstand strong winds.
As with most Afghan cultivars, good airflow is essential to prevent mold. Indeed, the buds can be quite dense and heavy. This pure Indica can thrive with minimal care and doesn’t stretch much.
For these reasons, this fruity IBL is robust and beginner-friendly.

The Balkh province is home to some of the best sieved hashish in the world such as the famous “Milk of Mazar” and the “Old Golden One”.
The Afghan Lemon is therefore the cream of the crop. It is one of the best expressions of one of the best hash plants in the world!

Afghan Lemon Lab Results

Package Size

3 feminized seeds, 6 feminized seeds


  1. Mamm

    True to descriprition. Had 2 plants in truly less than ideal conditions. Before they finished completely some budrot was present so I ripped them from the ground, put them in containers and put them under the a 300w light. They didnt continue ripening so I harvested them after a week.
    Scent is absolutely beautiful and flowers are VERY sticky.
    The best part is the smoke; you can be VERY “medicated” but will still be completely functional. A relaxing smoke, but not sleepy. Anything goes really with this cultivar.

    I’m prone to anxiety but I’ve had no issues with this cultivar regarding this.
    Also next day there is little to no hangover, truly amazing.

    I’ve gotten very picky about what I smoke because of all above. Thank you Khalifa Genetics!!!

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    Una genetica eccezionale.
    Ho voluto provare questa genetica perchè sono molto affascinato dalle genetiche indica.
    Quando ho visto che Khalifa Genetics vendeva questi semi al 100% indica ho voluto provare.
    Essendo una landrace la crescita è diversa rispetto a genetiche commerciali ma verrete premiati al momento del raccolto.
    Dico che questa genetica è FANTASTICA!
    L’ Afghan Lemon ha un profumo unico di limone pungente con note di pepe e incenso che vi lascerà a bocca aperta.
    Mi sono letteralmente innamorato di questa genetica non solo per il profumo ma anche per i suoi effetti.
    Infatti l’ Afghan Lemon ha delle potenti proprietà antidolorifiche e rilassanti uniche.
    Se si fuma si percepisce un sapore avvolgente di hash fresco e se si vaporizza si sprigionano dei sapori agrumati unici con leggeri sentori di ginepro e zenzero.
    Vi dico solo che bisogna provarla per capire perchè è una genetica eccezionale! 🙂
    Dopo aver assaggiato l’Afghan Lemon la amerete!

  3. Highlander

    True to the description, another great job by the team, a must-try if you’re looking for a lemony variety.

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