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How To Grow Denser Buds Organically

Would you like to know how to grow denser buds without having to use chemicals? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Although bud density has absolutely NOTHING to do with quality, dense cannabis nugs offer some advantages over fluffy weed. They are usually easier to trim, easier to handle, store better and people tend to find them more appealing than wispy cannabis flowers. Let’s go over all the tips and tricks growers can resort to in order to grow some rock hard buds naturally!

Number 1 Factor: Genetics

No matter how skilled you are, some cannabis strains just won’t produce dense buds. The reason for that is that some varieties naturally produce airy flowers because they have adapted to a wet environment over time. The wispier the buds, the more air can flow through them and therefore, the more humidity the plants can withstand. That is the reason why most tropical Sativas produce airy flowers. On the other hand, most Indica cultivars coming from dry places such as Afghanistan naturally grow compact flowers in order to retain their water and also to better withstand the cold.

To get rock-hard-buds, opt for indica-dominant strains such as:
. Herijuana
. Bubba Kush
. Girl Scout Cookies
. White Rhino

Optimal Temperature

A great way to naturally optimize the density of your flowers is to keep the temperature under control. If your plants get too hot, not only will the buds be looser but they will also produce fewer trichomes. That is the reason why many indoor growers take a break during the hot summer months. Using LEDs instead of HIDs as well as a good AC unit will help you keep temperatures under control in July and August. Temperatures above 27° C/80° F will cause your plants to grow loose buds.
Likewise, cool temperatures at night will also help with bud density and trichome production.

Temperature For Denser Buds

Grow Lights for Denser Buds

If you want to gow dense buds, there are 2 things to consider when it comes to grow lights:

1) Light intensity.
2) Light spectrum.

1) Keep in mind that cannabis is a sun-loving plant. Therefore, it needs high light levels in order to flower. CFLs and T5 lights are great for mother plants and clones but to get big hard nugs, you’ll need a good LED or HID lamp. Keeping enough space between your plants will also help you maximize the amount of light they receive.
2) The grow lights emitting high levels of soft white spectrum will help produce dense colas. These can encourage flower production and density by mimicking the autumn sun. Indeed, during the flowering phase, cannabis uses the red frequencies of the light spectrum most effectively. Both HIDs and LEDs are great though high quality LED lamps tend to produce the densest buds. High-end LEDs are full spectrum and emit very little heat which is optimal for growing dense flowers.

Relative Humidity

Low relative humidity levels at the end of the flowering cycle cause the buds to tighten up. The plants will seek to protect their flowers by producing denser buds with more trichomes. Use a dehumidifier and maintain a good airflow in the grow room to keep a low RH. Ideally RH should be kept around 45% in the last month before harvest.
Even when growing outdoors, humidity levels make a big difference. For instance, a strain growing along the coast in a humid environment will produce much looser buds than the same exact strain growing further inland.

Bloom Nutrients

The most important thing when it comes to nutrients, is to avoid giving your plants too much nitrogen once the flowering stretch is over. High levels of nitrogen make cannabis plants flower slower and produce looser flowers.
During the flowering stage, nutrient requirements change. After the flowering stretch is over, most cannabis plants need less nitrogen and more phosphorus and potassium. Resorting to a bloom fertilizer, amino acids and molasses will help your plants grow dense buds. Banana peel fertilizer can provide your plants with the potassium and micro-nutrients they need when blooming. Bear in mind that it is also strain-specific.

Organic Bloom Fertilizer

Do Bud hardeners Work?

PK 13/14, Boosters, Bud Hardeners…There are many different products out there. Some have been known to work while others are mostly snake oil. Some are fully organic while others are synthetic. Some growers swear by them while others never use them. You may want to give it a try and do a little side by side comparison.
One thing is for sure however:
Feeding high quality nutrients in proper ratios is optimal for flower density.

Beware Of The PGRs!

Unfortunately some unscrupulous commercial growers are well aware of customers’ preference for dense buds and decide to cut corners. By using plant growth regulators (PGR), these “Growers” can increase both weigh and density. However, PGR weed is often dangerous to consume and can even be carcinogenic.

Harvest Time

All the above-mentioned tips and tricks should really help you grow dense buds. However, knowing when to harvest is crucial. Although buds don’t fatten up that much and the end of the flowering cycle, they become denser and frostier.

Use a microscope to know exactly when to harvest. When most trichomes are cloudy with some amber ones, the plants are ripe. Wait an extra week if you prefer a heavier stone.