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About Us

Khalifa Genetics is a small group of passionate breeders who all share a common vision: Creating incredibly unique varieties while breeding with old landraces and rare strains.

Because we want you to enjoy highly stable genetics, we have chosen to only offer very few highly worked strains rather than dozens of unstable polyhybrid crosses with a hype name. The uniqueness of the aromas, the most exquisite smells and the quality of the experience is what we are after. You won’t find any Banana Gelato Cake seeds here. But what we offer is a fine collection of stable true F1 hybrids as well as mythical landrace varieties from the Orient.

Info About Khalifa Genetics

Each true F1 we have on our catalog is the fruit of many years of hard work. Each and every one of them results from a cross between landraces or rare strains we carefully selected and stabilized over many generations. We will never make any of our varieties available to our customers unless it has been thoroughly tested.

Because customer satisfaction matters tremendously to us, we only release strains that we think are absolutely outstanding. 

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Preserving The Diversity

We also offer landrace varieties because these are part of our heritage as humans. These strains have been around for thousands of years but they are now quickly disappearing due to eradication campaigns and contamination by modern hybrids. Because they have adapted to the environments where people would grow them all over the world, these landraces have developed certain particularities. That is why they can be very interesting to breeders and collectors alike.

Our seed production is 100% organic. Growing organically gives stronger plants that will produce healthier seeds.  Although we store those seeds in a dedicated facility, we also refresh our seed stock every year.  

Our varieties are specially  bred for organic gardening. Although they would also thrive in a conventional garden, the Khalifa Genetics’ Cultivars will express the most incredible flavors and effects in an organic garden. 

Should you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us and a member of our team will reply to you within 24 hours.